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Research, present and share….

I did my BBA from the University College of Business Studies Shimla. It was before I completed MBA from symbiosis distance learning and a regular degree of LLB from Himachal Pradesh University. While in BBA in Shimla, I started making stints at All India Radio(AIR) . I became a presenter with them.

The government ownership sells on bona fied content. They focus on powerful research work and the skill to write legitimate scripts. Being plausible settled in my working before I joined my first regular first job.

Later my skills helped me graduate to the Doordarshan from AIR Shimla. My first program was ‘Inse Miliye’, it was a phone in- live show. The value of the right word at right time made an entry into my life.

I interviewed many known personalities of Himachal in the show.Meeting them, I realized that what matters in life is the weight of character. The common trait of the wise was their humility and the quality to be able to put others before themselves. Later I did have many working experiences in recorded shows as well.

Trust your brand…

Later in 2006, I joined My FM 94.3 FM in Chandigarh as a producer. This was a new world. With it, FM launched in the northern part of India. The wit was in thing here. The technology was forceful. It taught me that the presentation of a serious matter need not be on an equally serious note. It can be dealt with humor supported by empathy.

Truth is fearless…

With the variety setting in my life, I was heading towards the best which was just about to begin.But, before that I went back to basics.Yes! I did. From punctuation to spellings, to summary writing and even verbs. I joined The Citizen the first online portal of India. It runs under the guidance of fearless and sharp senior journalist Seema Mustafa. Truth is fearless and write only after you check all the facts was my learning from here. I was a freelancer with her. Here I learned that every individual has his /her story, the skill is to first understand it and then make the world understand it. After that, I also took up a regular job at the national daily Statesman.

The time was right to break the ice…

Now I knew that it was time and I was ready. Therefore, with my learnings of faultless research, finished presentation, trusting about what I was about to present while being fearless to write the truth, I started himachalwire.in.This has the colors, history of the state with its existence.The stories from the immature world which are fresh and new to words.The stories which applaud for the efforts, the stories which bring smiles, the stories which talk of growth and the stories which are common but are unknown.

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